What is the Black Ops Game?

What is the Black Ops GameWhat is the Black Ops Game All About?

The Call of Duty series has introduced the gamer sitting in their living room to the thrills, action and desperation of the battlefield, or at least as close as you could get.

With campaigns closely skirting true historic events and action in some of the most significant military campaigns to date, there is no end to the intense fascination these high caliber games provide.

Released in 2010, Call of Duty: Black Ops was expected to outperform, out-fascinate and out-entertain all previous entries in the series. Much to the surprise and delight of the international gaming community, this was accomplished superbly.

In addition to a fully entertaining campaign the franchise went all out to create an unspeakably popular multiplayer experience. There is plenty of experience building training and many more gaming elements that even out the playing field between the insanely experienced veterans (ages: 12- 14) and those just started an hour ago.

The Campaign

The Black Ops Campaign follows the tales and confessions of highly skilled operative being interrogated by a mysterious inquisitor. The tells told set the stage for action in the jungles of Cuba or Vietnam, a gulag in the Russian Wastelands, deserts, mountains and more.

Unlike the other Call of Duty games that followed a structured plot which followed a historic war, WWII, for example, the COD watch campaign follows the clues and questions left behind during the Cold War. It also provides clues and sets the stage for subsequent installments of the Call of duty series.

The campaign promises to be the most intriguing 6 hours+ you have enjoyed in the Call of Duty Franchise to date.

Multiplayer Action

After you have spent a week at mastering the campaign (at a rate of 1 hour a day), you can spend the rest of your life playing the thrilling and competitive multiplayer experience.

This top-notch competitive gaming experience is delightful and addictive as well as scalable. You will find that your equipment and capacity for online slaughter greatly increases as does your experience in the field.

The competitive FPS has come a long way since Goldeneye, and there is a whole slew of new gadgets, devices and implements of death. You can even call in air support to devastate your foes across some of the most intelligently designed maps you’ll find, and more keep coming out.

Furthermore, you can expect all the killstreaks, promotions and unlockables we have come to love in these types of games. This is the multiplayer match that will keep you coming back for more.

ZOMBIES!!! — the franchise had no need to provide this extra, but you’ll love them for it. Co-op zombie mode allows a dynamic squad of heroes to hole up in bunker during a zombie apocalypse and take on wave after wave of enemies while building defences and unlocking weapons. If you need a break from multiplayer madness, take on the AI zombies in this entertaining side game.

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