That’s why the Free2Play game Fortnite will soon be available for $30 in the store

Fortnite: Battle Royale is actually a free Free2Play game that has been distributed purely digitally so far. But in November 2018 there will be a physical sales version for the first time.

What is the retail version of Fortnite all about? Just in time for the Christmas business, Fortnite will be available in stores as a physical box. It contains codes for special items. That would be:

Frostbite-Outfit: A cool Recolor of the legendary Raptor-Skins.
Freezing Point back: A backpack in a snow camo.
Cold front glider: A 08-15 glider in a snow camouflage spot.
Chill-Axe pickaxe: A pickaxe with saw teeth.

Plus 1,000 V bucks, Fortnite’s real money currency, are in the bundle. They are worth another 10 euros.

What’s NOT in the box, by the way: The PvE version of Fortnite. Save the World is still available separately, but will soon be released free of charge as well.

What does the bundle cost? The Fortnite Box is currently being advertised for 29.99 dollars. In Euro the price should be the same. Whether the bundle will also be released in Germany is still unclear. But we asked Epic and will update this article when we know more.

What platforms is the bundle for? The box version of Fortnite is only valid for players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles. Unfortunately, PC, iOS and Android users are left empty-handed.

The bundle will also appear in the digital shop of Fortnite.

When will the bundle be released? Both versions of the bundle will be released on November 13, 2018.

Is the package worth it? If you absolutely want the skin, you’ll get your money’s worth together with the 1,000 V bucks in the bundle. Because the skin would cost 20 Euros as a legendary outfit if it were in the shop. You would then get the hack and the glider as a bonus.

Why is a Free2Play game sold?

Epic and the Christmas business: What sense does it make to sell a game that you can download for free? Apart from the skins, the Christmas business is likely to play an important role.

Fortnite is still extremely popular with kids. Therefore Fortnite should be on some wish lists. If grandma or grandpa then want to give the kid a present and ask for “Fortnite” in the shop, the seller doesn’t have to explain to them that the game is free, but can sell them the bundle.

A box that can be touched – even if it only contains codes in the end – makes more sense than putting a few dollars in the hands of the kids for the new skins. Therefore, the Fortnite box Christmas 2018 should be under many Christmas trees.

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