Red Dead Online: Earn In-Game Money Fast – Tips

Make money fast in Red Dead Online: We offer tips for making fast money in the first few hours in Red Dead Redemption 2 online mode. New weapons can be expensive and unaffordable to start with. With this option, however, you’ll be able to quickly get money in Rockstars’ Western to afford better revolvers or rifles right from the start.

Start making fast money in Red Dead Online right from the start? We offer tips on the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 – especially for starting the game. New weapons like revolvers and rifles can be expensive. However, many of the missions and modes deliver only a few dollars online. With the on-demand story mission joining method, you can quickly earn more than a handful of dollars. However, this requires that you don’t experience the story of Red Dead Online in the normally planned order, but rather play random missions with up to four people one after the other.

If you want to experience the story of Red Dead Online with story missions in the normal order, then you do this without this method and play everything in the conventional way. First you finish the complete tutorial and then you reach the “Free Roam mode“. Within about an hour of playing time, you should have completed the introduction to the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Shot your way through the wild west!

Red Dead Online – Make Money Fast

Once you have finished the tutorial and are in Free Roam mode, press the digicross to the left to enter the Free Roam menu. Scroll down and use the Join Game option. Here you can select Story Mission on Demand. With up to four friends, you can complete random story missions from Red Dead Online. If you’re not playing in a group, your squad will be filled with random players. Some of the missions are from later parts of the story. The later the missions, the higher the rewards.

For example, you will receive a mission in which you must attack a military fort and take out an enemy gang leader. You will receive up to $250 in rewards for such missions. However, some of the story-based Red Dead online quests aren’t as rewarding. In some cases, the reward will be between $30 and $50. However, this is still more profitable than other activities at the beginning of the game. Please note that you will only receive one reward per mission. If you play a mission again, you will only receive experience points.

Also keep in mind that there will be less money and/or XP as a reward when you go on a mission and have to reload from a checkpoint. Complete a few of these missions at the beginning of Red Dead Online and you’ll earn good money to start the game. At best, spend the money on good hunting rifles or special clothing. But keep in mind that this is still the open beta phase of Red Dead Online. Bugs and mistakes can still occur.

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