R4 revolution for ds

R4 revolution for dsR4 revolution for DS or r4 is a slot -1 solution which has made Micro SD card as a main base for storing all its important datas like ROMs, music , and operating system files etc. R4 DS or r4 card appears like small package just as R4 DS card.

The package of R4DS card carries various items which leds R4 to move quickly. The R4DS card carries many things such as USB Micro SD card reader, White R4 slot 1 card, Black R4 slot 1 plastic shell, Mini CD installation disc, cartridge holder keychain etc…

So R4 card is already pre-fitted in the plastic R4 case given in the package. The R4 carries no chips which helps in sticking under the label but same is not the case with other micro SD slot 1 solutions.

R4 Micro SD is backed by spring loading along with a small circular groove in the corner so that Micro SD card can be removed easily. In this way, one don’t have to diminish the R4DS card from DS instead of that displace the Micro SD card while uploading ROMs and other homebrew games.

There is a small problem which always exists with R4 is that the developer’s website remains quite slow. And the life of the battery in terms of R4 is bad which cann’t be fixed through firmware update. So instead of going for availed firmware on the CD, one should opt official R4 DS website www.r4ds.com for downloading fresh firmware to assure good performance.

R4 has shown its capability to funciton with any kind of game tested . Along with this, it also saves the whole work on the R4DS . Games shows full speed without any disturbances. Even one can use Wi-Fi without having any problems just because of R4DS.

So one can purchase R4DS cards online in just 45$ dollars . As R4 DS asides all the limitaitons of Nintendo DS, making it quite beneficial for Nintendo DS owners.

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