Red Dead Online: Earn In-Game Money Fast – Tips

Make money fast in Red Dead Online: We offer tips for making fast money in the first few hours in Red Dead Redemption 2 online mode. New weapons can be expensive and unaffordable to start with. With this option, however, you’ll be able to quickly get money in Rockstars’ Western to afford better revolvers or rifles right from the start.

Start making fast money in Red Dead Online right from the start? We offer tips on the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 – especially for starting the game. New weapons like revolvers and rifles can be expensive. However, many of the missions and modes deliver only a few dollars online. With the on-demand story mission joining method, you can quickly earn more than a handful of dollars. However, this requires that you don’t experience the story of Red Dead Online in the normally planned order, but rather play random missions with up to four people one after the other.

If you want to experience the story of Red Dead Online with story missions in the normal order, then you do this without this method and play everything in the conventional way. First you finish the complete tutorial and then you reach the “Free Roam mode“. Within about an hour of playing time, you should have completed the introduction to the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2.

By the way: We also recommend our tips section for Red Dead Redemption 2. There you’ll find plenty of guides and tips on single player adventures with Arthur Morgan.

Shot your way through the wild west!

Red Dead Online – Make Money Fast

Once you have finished the tutorial and are in Free Roam mode, press the digicross to the left to enter the Free Roam menu. Scroll down and use the Join Game option. Here you can select Story Mission on Demand. With up to four friends, you can complete random story missions from Red Dead Online. If you’re not playing in a group, your squad will be filled with random players. Some of the missions are from later parts of the story. The later the missions, the higher the rewards.

For example, you will receive a mission in which you must attack a military fort and take out an enemy gang leader. You will receive up to $250 in rewards for such missions. However, some of the story-based Red Dead online quests aren’t as rewarding. In some cases, the reward will be between $30 and $50. However, this is still more profitable than other activities at the beginning of the game. Please note that you will only receive one reward per mission. If you play a mission again, you will only receive experience points.

Also keep in mind that there will be less money and/or XP as a reward when you go on a mission and have to reload from a checkpoint. Complete a few of these missions at the beginning of Red Dead Online and you’ll earn good money to start the game. At best, spend the money on good hunting rifles or special clothing. But keep in mind that this is still the open beta phase of Red Dead Online. Bugs and mistakes can still occur.

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That’s why the Free2Play game Fortnite will soon be available for $30 in the store

Fortnite: Battle Royale is actually a free Free2Play game that has been distributed purely digitally so far. But in November 2018 there will be a physical sales version for the first time.

What is the retail version of Fortnite all about? Just in time for the Christmas business, Fortnite will be available in stores as a physical box. It contains codes for special items. That would be:

Frostbite-Outfit: A cool Recolor of the legendary Raptor-Skins.
Freezing Point back: A backpack in a snow camo.
Cold front glider: A 08-15 glider in a snow camouflage spot.
Chill-Axe pickaxe: A pickaxe with saw teeth.

Plus 1,000 V bucks, Fortnite’s real money currency, are in the bundle. They are worth another 10 euros.

What’s NOT in the box, by the way: The PvE version of Fortnite. Save the World is still available separately, but will soon be released free of charge as well.

What does the bundle cost? The Fortnite Box is currently being advertised for 29.99 dollars. In Euro the price should be the same. Whether the bundle will also be released in Germany is still unclear. But we asked Epic and will update this article when we know more.

What platforms is the bundle for? The box version of Fortnite is only valid for players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles. Unfortunately, PC, iOS and Android users are left empty-handed.

The bundle will also appear in the digital shop of Fortnite.

When will the bundle be released? Both versions of the bundle will be released on November 13, 2018.

Is the package worth it? If you absolutely want the skin, you’ll get your money’s worth together with the 1,000 V bucks in the bundle. Because the skin would cost 20 Euros as a legendary outfit if it were in the shop. You would then get the hack and the glider as a bonus.

Why is a Free2Play game sold?

Epic and the Christmas business: What sense does it make to sell a game that you can download for free? Apart from the skins, the Christmas business is likely to play an important role.

Fortnite is still extremely popular with kids. Therefore Fortnite should be on some wish lists. If grandma or grandpa then want to give the kid a present and ask for “Fortnite” in the shop, the seller doesn’t have to explain to them that the game is free, but can sell them the bundle.

A box that can be touched – even if it only contains codes in the end – makes more sense than putting a few dollars in the hands of the kids for the new skins. Therefore, the Fortnite box Christmas 2018 should be under many Christmas trees.

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Fortnite – Get V-Bucks in the game

fortnite v bucks

V-Bucks are rare at Fortnite, but very important, so you’ll soon be wondering how to get this currency. Of course you can buy V-Bucks for lots of real money, but first we want to show you what the game offers you to get V-Bucks for free.


You need V-Bucks to buy the Lama PiƱatas. This applies to the PVE mode. But if you play Battle Royale, you can use the V-Bucks to buy new skins and even the Battle Pass. PVE mode plays a big role in earning V-Bucks, but not every Battle Royale player is interested in playing this mode or even spending money on it, because it’s not free.


Get V-Bucks in Battle Royale


Now the disappointing news at the beginning: If you want to earn V-Bucks in the Battle Royale of Fortnite, you don’t have many possibilities. For example, in the fourth season’s Free Pass you’ll get 100 V-Bucks for level 18 and then back to level 34, and that’s it with the free V-Bucks. If you bought the Battle Pass, you can earn 1.300 V-Bucks.


After deducting the battle pass costs (if you want to invest the part you have earned in the next pass) you still have 350 V bucks left to spend on other items. To do this, however, you must reach the appropriate levels in the pass.


We don’t want to tell you fairy tales or make false promises. Sooner or later you’ll have to invest money in Battle Royale mode if you want cool skins or emotes. If anything changes, we will inform you here.


Not in the mood for PVE? Then you’d rather spend money? You can also buy V-Bucks at Amazon. Just follow the link. You can buy the following variants of V-Bucks in the shop:


  1. 1000 V-Bucks (10 Euro)
  2. 2800 V-Bucks (25 Euro)
  3. 7500 V-Bucks (60 Euro)
  4. 13500 V-Bucks (100 Euro)


How to get V-Bucks in PVE


Fortnite Save the world mode

You can already imagine it: The V-Bucks, which you get in PVE, you can hit on the head in PVE and of course vice versa. If your love for Fortnite is really big, then you should think about saving the world, because here you can get even more V-Bucks.

Maybe you don’t want the money for the Battle Rale mode, but for the great lamas! The following list tells you what you can do in PVE mode to earn V-Bucks.

  • Of course, there are primarily the daily quests. They are simple and therefore recommended. You will receive around 50 V bucks for each deal. The daily quests will only be unlocked with a certain power level, so don’t be surprised if they are not available to you right away.
  • Save the World also offers you event quests. With these you can earn about 300 V-Bucks. The only problem is that they cost you some time, because it’s usually a quest series you have to contest. You’ll find them where you’ll find the daily and main challenges.
  • Main missions give you about 50 to 100 V bucks, which you will take with you anyway. However, this source also runs dry and is not infinite. Once you’ve reached level 10, the V-Bucks are done with main missions.
  • If you have time, check out Save the World every six hours and search for time-limited missions. They appear on the map. If you complete them, you will sometimes be rewarded with 30 V-Bucks.
  • If you have weapons or units that you don’t need, just put them in the logbook and you will receive rewards at every level of the logbook. If you are busy here, you will also get V-Bucks as a reward in larger distances.
  • Sign up every day and get your sign up bonus! If you can’t register for a day or more, you won’t lose progress and don’t have to start over. You will receive 150 V-Bucks every seven days, 300 V-Bucks every 28th day and 800 V-Bucks every 112th day.

As soon as I notice more options at Fortnite, with which you can quickly take a few V-Bucks to the high edge, I will share them with you here.


Get V-Bucks with free Giveaways


Since the game Fortnite is so popular, it has naturally a lot of giveaways on the web. Lots of them are on youtube and others on websites. You can use the Reddit giveaway sub to find new ones or even the Fortnite sub on Reddit could help you with your search. One special website( does sweepstakes and wants you to learn about internet safety issues. The reward for that would be 100.000 V-Bucks and that is a lot! You have nothing to lose – it is free and even if you don’t win something, you will gain knowledge about online scams.

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